Noob 1476

about 7 months ago
Project - Smart Airpurifier | in Basic Circuits

I have developed a smart air purifier with my mechanical engineer roommate. We used a fan from my work and he designed a housing. I designed a PCB using the esp32 as well as an attiny, which acted as an AC motor speed control. The esp32 connects to my raspberry pi server using MQTT and Node-Red t... view more


about 11 months ago
  • Student
  • India

Rick Sanchez

about 12 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States
Project - Mobile Controlled ESP32 Two-Wheel Drive Robot | in Basic Circuits

Today’s project is not going to be based on evive. Today, we’re going to make yet another smartphone-controlled robot but this time using ESP32. It can move forward, back, right, left, and doesn’t need Bluetooth! We’re to program it in Pict... view more