Rick Sanchez

about 6 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States
Project - Mobile Controlled ESP32 Two-Wheel Drive Robot | in Basic Circuits

Today’s project is not going to be based on evive. Today, we’re going to make yet another smartphone-controlled robot but this time using ESP32. It can move forward, back, right, left, and doesn’t need Bluetooth! We’re to program it in Pict... view more

Robert li

about 3 years ago
  • Afghanistan
Project - Intelligent access control based on ESP32 and STONE TFT LCD | in Arduino

Required materialsESP32KOB electronic lockRelaySTONE STWI070WT-01 touch panel displayMFRC522 moduleRealized function1. card registration.2. username and password registration.3. card swipe to unlock the electronic lock.4. User name and password to unlock the electronic lock. view more

Richar Arturo Yungan Guaman

about 4 years ago
  • Estudiante
  • Ecuador
Project - Automatización de un invernadero hidroponico | in Arduino

Mi proyecto consiste en poder controlar un invernadero hidropónico mediante el   modulo esp32 anteriormente use el modulo esp8266 pero la velocidad de procesamiento es lento, con el modulo y la base de datos Firebase, podemos monitorear la temperatura y humedad DHT11 dentro y fuera del... view more

Noob 1476

about 4 years ago
Project - Smart Airpurifier | in Basic Circuits

I have developed a smart air purifier with my mechanical engineer roommate. We used a fan from my work and he designed a housing. I designed a PCB using the esp32 as well as an attiny, which acted as an AC motor speed control. The esp32 connects to my raspberry pi server using MQTT and Node-Red t... view more


about 5 years ago
  • Student
  • India