Smart Vending Machine

Aug 08th, 2019 | by: SAYANTAN PAL
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Objective : The idea behind this project is to build a cashless user-friendly Vending Machine which is also cost efficient and reliable.

Concept: Scan the RFID card. Get input by the keypad. Send the data to the Server. Authenticate and balance check. Wait for the transaction. On successful transaction give the item to the user. Show Remaining balance. Close the session. Display the processes via LCD.

Technology Used : RFID (Radio Friquency IDentification) & ESP32 Wi-Fi module for IOT Application

Features : Smart card based payment system. Online user database. Add new user or Recharge existing card over the internet. Customizable, Secure & Hassle free.

Components : NodeMCU Esp32 Board, RFID card & Reader, LCD 16x2 Display Module, KEYPAD 4x4 Matrix, DC GRAR MOTOR/Stepper Motor, POWER SUPPLY (5v & 12v), LED STRIP, Wires, Switch & AC Socket

Online Server : There’re two sections on the online database server. On the User section a user can check his/her balance and other details. On the Admin section the admin can ADD/DELETE/MODIFY any client Recharge a card can also be possible by the admin from the website. Website link : http://www.iot-svm.ml

APPLICATION : Small shops Public places (bus stops, stations) Malls and shopping centers School, college and other institutions Offices Canteens Hotels and Restaurants


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  • Henry Duffer

    about 9 months ago

    Its an awesome project man I am also building something similar and wanted to ask you about your projectCan you please tell me which libraries are you using for the rfid rc522 sensor and the lcdAlso is the lcd and the rfid sensor communicating through SPI or I2C

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