Kevin Channon

about 6 months ago
  • Chemical Engineer
  • United Kingdom
Project - Biltong Maker | in Meat

This is my in progress biltong maker I am making as a present for my brother.  You ask what is biltong?   It is air dried cured beef that is eaten an a delicacy in Sothern Africa, most similar to beef jerky.


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about 7 months ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


A rotary encoder is a type of position sensor that converts the angular position (rotation) of a knob into an output signal that is used to determine what direction the knob is being rotated. Due to their robustness and fine digital control; they are used in many applications including robotic... view more


about 7 months ago
  • Argentina
Project - Cerradura Electrónica PIC18F | in Microcontrollers

Se trata de un módulo RFID controlado con un PIC18F con su ID de dispositivo correspondiente, que su función principal es el permitir el ingreso de usuarios (alumnos o profesores) registrados (Puede agregar o eliminar), integra con sensores de puerta, contiene varios menús de configuración y ... view more

Johnny L

about 9 months ago
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • United States
Project - Arduino Uno Plus | in Arduino

It is an Arduino Uno that communicates to another MCU the input and output status and value right.  This then displays the values right next to the pin speeding up debugging. view more

Watchdog 2091

about 12 months ago
  • India

Tutorial - LCD Weather Monitor

We are always fascinated with a display that shows some information like weather, status or anything which is to be monitored. So today I will use this TFT LCD display along with arduino for displaying weather and brightness. You can print anything on the display. As an example I have chosen weat... view more


about 1 year ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


I always wanted a prompter so now I've made one. We can control it fron any PC with HDMI output. It has an LCD with HDMI controller, adaptor for tripod and more. Is quite easy to build and the most expensive part is the LCD. The rest are just some wood, a piece of glass and screws. So, let's see. view more

Andrei Gabriel

about 1 year ago
  • Electrical Engineer and Maker
  • Spain


I always enjoyed playing all these old games. I love quake, MK4 and all SEGA games. Having a console that has all these games would be great. And having this console made by myself is even better. Having this inside of a microwave, well that's a lot better. We will sue an raspberri pi 3, an SD ca... view more

John Bruh

about 2 years ago
  • CAD designer
  • United States
Project - DIY Lab Bench Power Supply [Build + Tests] | in Basic Circuits

In this instructable / video I will show you how you can make your own variable lab bench power supply which can deliver 30V 6A 180W (10A MAX under the power limit). Minimal current limit 250-300mA. Also you will see accuracy, load, protection... view more