Have in mind...

The right content

You will see that on ELECTRONOOBS you can upload images, GIF files, .ZIP files and post embedded videos from YouTube. You can also place embedded links for other websites, purchase links or anything else. Please make sure you have a decent content. Good quality images, no virus inside the .ZIP files and no corrupt links when shared. A bad quality of your posts might result in deleting the content.
- Select good image resolution.
- The images/GIF/video will represent the project/tutorial content.
- The content is yours or you have permission for that.
- The downloadable files are in a ZIP file, free of virus or bad files.
- Try to upload low size files if you can.

Nudes or sexual content

ELECTRONOOBS is not the right place to post pornography or sexually explicit content. If your photos, GIF or videos includes such material, do not upload your project or tutorial to our website (even if it is you who appears in the photo). Keep in mind that we work closely with law enforcement authorities and that we will report any type of abuse to minors.

Violent or graphic content

Violent or bloody content should not be published with the main objective of being shocking, sensational or free. If you are going to publish graphic content in an informative or documentary context, act with consideration and provide enough information so that users can understand what is happening in your post. Do not encourage other people to commit violent acts.

Spam, deceptive metadata and scams

Nobody likes to be fooled. Do not create thumbnails, titles, tags or fraudulent descriptions for your post to increase the number of views or likes. Posting large amounts of repetitive content, without segmenting or causing rejection (including private messages and comments) is not acceptable.

Posts with "only ad" are not good

Please do not make posts only with the end of selling your products. Adding some ad links is permitted and not a bad idea. But the post should help others users as well and not be only about selling products.

Harmful or dangerous content

Do not post projects/tutorials that encourage other people (especially children) to take actions that could cause serious injury. Depending on their severity, we may include age restrictions or remove posts that show dangerous or harmful actions.

Hate incitement content

This is a platform for freedom of expression. However, we do not admit content that promotes or consents to violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity; nor whose main purpose is to incite hatred for any of these causes. It may be a delicate decision, but if the main objective is to attack a minority group, we consider that the content has gone out of line.


Respect copyright. You should only upload content if you have created them, the photos or videos or if you have the necessary authorization to use them. This implies that you should not upload images that you have not created or use content whose rights belong to another person, such as music tracks and fragments of copyrighted programs. You also cannot use images created by other users without the necessary authorization.


In accordance with our identity theft policy, we may delete accounts that are created for the purpose of impersonating another channel or user.