ELECTRONOOBS.io is a place where you could share your ideas with others. You can now post projects that you’ve made or full tutorials explaining how to make any of your projects. The topics are now only electronics. You can place tutorials about DIY, electronics, 3D printing, homemade, basic circuits, RC, woodwork, garden, and more... There are a few topics that are not allowed on ELECTRONOOBS but don’t worry. The main goal for ELECTRONOOBS is to help other creators and share knowledge.

What ELECTRONOOBS will offer you?

Well, the opportunity to show others what you’ve created. Also, to show others how to make it and by that help the community. You have the opportunity to find a job based on what you are able to make because creators could see your work. You can message other creators, follow them, add projects to favorite, comment or get “likes”.

The best posts each week will be placed on the popular tutorials and popular projects blocks on the sidebar of the website. By that you will have even more opportunity for other to see your work because these blocks are placed on all pages of ELECTRONOOBS and displayed all over the world.

The Explore block can help you as well. This block will display in a random configuration, creators from all over the world. So, even if you are not friend with others, creators could find your profile, see the amounts of projects and followers you have, and then follow you.

The use of tags and search bat will help you find the content and also find other users by name. So, using a good name and a good profile picture will help your profile.



Electronic Engineer, studied in University of Barcelona, Spain. I'm the same guy that's behind Electronoobs.com. Since both the YouTube channel and the website were a success, I had the idea to make this other site, ELECTRONOOBS.io and help the community. For more you coudl find me on my:

Alex Georgescu

Lead Developer | CTO at xwebing.com Alex is one of the developers taht created electronoobs.io All the PHP and script parts were made by he and his team. From their website: "Our team has a vast in developing complex and complete software solutions and applications for the field of e-commerce and project management. We provide all the support you need to increase the visibility of your business online."

Alex Teodorescu

Web Developer at xwebing.com At the same time, with the help of Alex, other parts of electronoobs.io were made. Another great web developer that created multiple blocks for this webiste.