Nikolaos Konstantinou

about 2 days ago
  • Cyprus
Project - Power Supply For a Project | in Arduino

Hello guys  I'm thinking of a system for my car (like an alarm but it will be able for two ways communication with the car and the phone) it will be based on an atmega2560-16au along with a GSM shield and GPS)  I figure everything out but am stuck with the power system> I d... view more

Electro Retro

about 5 days ago
  • India
Project - Automatic water level controller using arduino | in Arduino

This is a automatic water level controller using arduino and ultrasonic sensor. Here iam using jsn-sr04t waterproof sensor. i added 16x2 lcd display to monitor percentage of water and pump status. Dry run protection is also included in this project . And a bypass switch to turn on manually a... view more

Noob 6458

about 7 days ago
Project - Dispensador automático de comida | in

EstaciĆ³n que abastece croquetas para animales de un reservorio a un plato luego de intervalos de tiempo. 

... view more

Elias George

about 7 days ago
  • Pathologist
  • United States
Project - LEGO Arduino 4 digit 7 segment clock | in Arduino

All LEGO enclosureATmega328P-AUDS3231 RTC4 digit 7 segment display12 or 24 hour displayCR2032 battery backup view more

captin smilo

about 7 days ago
  • United States

working on the transmitter project seems like im getting an issue when uploading the compiled sketch not sure what to do


about 8 days ago
  • Colombia

Noob 6431

about 9 days ago
Project - Arduino 1:6 Scale of Mars Rover | in Arduino

Hello everyone! I wanted to submit my Arduino controlled Mars Rover: Curiosity. This was my senior design project for the University of South Carolina with sponsorship from the South Carolina Museum. It is currently an exhibit there where you can drive and control the arm of the rover to you... view more

Atakan Suslu

about 11 days ago
  • Aerospace Engineering Student
  • Turkey
Project - Arduino Bluetooth Rover | in Arduino

Bluetooth Controlled Rover

view more

Yazan Sartawi

about 11 days ago
  • Engineer
  • Jordan
Project - Arduino Based RFID & Keypad Access Controller | in

This Project is an RFID & Keypad Access Controller based on ArduinoI have used arduino pro-mini due to its small size and capabilities .the purpose of this system is to allow a certain users to use the intended object such as Entering a room , using an elevator , open a door..etcthe system ha... view more

Yash Hingu

about 12 days ago
  • Afghanistan
Project - Arduino neopixel light | in Arduino

This is a arduino version of the arduino neopixel light and looks awsome when light's up  view more

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