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Robert li

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Required materialsESP32KOB electronic lockRelaySTONE STWI070WT-01 touch panel displayMFRC522 moduleRealized function1. card registration.2. username and password registration.3. card swipe to unlock the electronic lock.4. User name and password to unlock the electronic lock.

  about 2 days ago

Noob 7797

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A PCB drilling tool using ATINY85 with Direction and Speed Control. Watch my Youtube video for details.

  about 3 days ago


Electronic Engineer and YouTuber

MPU6050 gyro and PID control with stepper motors. Balancing robot with Arduino and PCB and TMC stepper driver. Homeamde 3D printed body and Bluetooth remote.

  about 12 days ago

Yue Beifong

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Virtual Relaity Haptic Gloves with Arduino Nano

  about 21 days ago

Being able to create networkable DIY devices is a great thing! Finding them on your network when you need to know the IP address can be a real pain sometimes though.  You can have it printed on the serial monitor of the device or use your WiFi router's connected devices page to look it up, but that's not convenient sometimes, and takes extra time.

In this tutorial, I will show you a simple way to get the IP that you can integrate into your own projects. 

  about 2 months ago


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An electronic dice can be used for board games amd to generate random numbers to set a pin number.This project is made with an Arduino Uno, 7 LEDs, a Push Button, and a Breadboard.This project makes use of the random number generator to generate a random number from 1-6 and displays it with the help of LEDs.

  about 2 months ago

This will help you to see distance with leds.If you wish you can see the distance in the serial monitor.

  about 2 months ago

In this video, an RGB LED is controlled over WiFi using iPhone HomeKit app. HSB to RGB conversion model ESP32 WiFi provisioning and the way of adding new accessory to HomeKit app are discussed in details. HomeKit lightbulb example is discussed line by line.

Tutorial video:



HomeKit accessory server library:

Anvy Smith HSB to RGB conversion Algorithm:

  about 2 months ago

I've made many of these and given them away.. People keep asking for them.. So I keep making them..

They are a simulation of fire fly's in a Jar. Using Arduino Nano to program the ATtiny85. I use Charlie Plexing to get more lights lit then there are pins. This project is designed to be self contained and charge with solar panel. The electronics are put in 3d printed antique wood looking crate on top of the glass jar. I also use, to give it that special touch, some 3d printed fire flys with cut outs for SMD LED. With UV clear glue mixed with glow in the dark powder to attach LED to fire fly and it gives it that extra luminescence and realism. Then if you tilt the Jar the fire flys go crazy and all light up quickly.. Then they calm down. back to there normal simulated lighting.

  about 2 months ago

Mark Donners

Electronic Engineer

This is an Internet radio using an ESP32. The code was partly adapted from Ed's Smallenburg's Radio and intensely modified to my needs;Search engine to find Internet Radio station by country.Find and implement the station's Logo and display it on the browser interface.Spectrum analyser on the TFT ScreenLED VU meter with Pixel leds WS2812Sliders for changing Audio Settings.

The modified software and all project data will be available here:

  about 2 months ago

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