Creality Melzi - how to flasah a boot loader

Aug 26th, 2019 | by: Jason Meech
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Quick easy tutorial to flash a creality melzi board with a boot loader so you can update it via the USB port. 

What's required: 
  1. A creaity melzi board
  2. An arduino uno (others can be used but this is what i have available) 
  3. Jumper wires 6
    1. 5x Female to Female 
    2. 1x Male to female 
  4. USB Cables
    1. 1x USB-B (larger commonly used on printers also)
    2. 1x Mini USB (the size that probably nothing else in your life still uses)

Step 1 Connect the UNO

 connect your arduino uno to the computer. Then identify which com port it is using by checking device manager by entering devmgmt.msc into the run box, the search box or a command prompt and hit enter.

Find the Port
Unnamed document  DOWNLOAD

Prepare Arduino IDE

first open the arduino IDE

Go to tools -> Board: ... 
and select Arduino/Gunuino UNO 


Go to tools -> Port 
and select the port that corresponds to the port your arduino is on 

Board type

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  • Jason Meech

    about 2 years ago

    sorry to anyone viewing this incomplete tutorial im having some odd issues completing it. will try to get it sorted out asap

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