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The MK2 ALU is 3D printer based on an aluminum frame build from t-sot aluminum extrusion and from 3D printed pieces. It is designed around ordinary and cheap 3D printer parts (available everywhere on internet) that will allow you to build a high precision 3D printer for a very reasonable price.
Furthermore this design allows you to modify all the settings: the length of all axis is adjustable according to your needs. All the CAD designs are available on Thingiverse, you are free to modify them. In this guide all the length and components given are for a build volume of 200mm x200mm x250mm.

To help you if you also want to build this printer, I have created a "user manual" and a bill of material to help you assemble the printer. All the files needed are available for free on Thingiverse!

I hope you'll like this project!

Picking up the parts

You can buy these pieces from ebay, amazon, bangood, aliexpress... Or even salvage them from an old 3D printer!

Printing the plastic pieces

his document will help you to print the plastic pieces.

Assembling the printer

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