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This is a very simple project that uses the Adafruid library to control a RGB adressable LED strip that will eb inside of a Daft punk Helmet. In this tutorial you will find the STL files to 3D print the plastic helmet, the schematic for the LED control with Bluetooth and the Android App that I've made to control it. All the information is below. Let's start.
PART 1 - The 3D helmet

The design of the helmet is not mine. I've downlaoded the original files from this page here. So, thanks to Ruiz Brothers for their work, the helmet is awesome and very easy to print and glue togehter. Go to the link below and downlaod the files. The helmet is made out of 4 parts, 3 for the helmet and one more for the shades. You will need a big printer, more than 25x25cm of printing area.

The parts we need
Print the files

So, we need to print 3 parts for the helmet body and one for the shades (visor). I've used black PLA for the helmet case with 2 perimeters, 15% infill, 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. For the visor I've used translucent clear PLA and I've printed 2 visors. One to put the LEDs on and the other one to cover the LEDs and by that give a better look. If you ahve translucent dark PLA, it's better to use that.


last part is to glue all parts together but leave the visor aside for later. I first glue the bottom part and the middle part using super glue but later some hot glue as well on the inner side of the helmet. If you look close, as in the photo below, you can see some small holes. Place a small part of polastic, metal or wood and glue that part in that hole. That will help you join the parts together.

Paint the parts
PART 2 - Schematic


Below you have the simple schematic that I've used for my project. First, check the part list in order to know what you need. You will need anWS2812 adressable LED strip, an Arduino NANO, a small microphone module, a Bluetooth module, some connectors and a LiPo battery of 11.1V (3S). 


You will see that the LED strip has a small arrow on it. That will show you the dirrection of the input and output. I've made a zig-zag configuration. We start with the input on the bottom row on the right. The second row will have the input on the left and so on as in the schematic above. To supply the circuit, just connect 11V from the battery to the Vin pin of the Arduino. Connect the microphone to analog input A0 and the Bluetooth module to the Rx and Tx pins but just after we uplaod the code.


I've cut 7 rows of 15 LEDs each of the adressable LED strip. Peal the back glue cover and place each row on one of the plastic visors we've printed. Then make the connections between eeach row for 5V, GND and signal uisng thin wires. To the first input of the LED strip solder longer wires since those will go to the Arduino.

Add the strip
Finish connections

Once I have the connections for each row, I connect the LED strip matrix to an Arduino UNO, connect the modules and upload the code in order to test it. You can download the code from below in this tutorial. I alos install the Andrid app that you could also download from a section below. I test if it works and if yes, I can put everything inside of the helmet.

Test if it works

PART 3 - The code

Below you haev the code I've made for this project. It has a few modes such as text scroll, eyes, robocop LED, rainbow and microphone control where you can change the LED color and amplitude with your voice. Downlaod the code, make sure the Bluetooth module is not connected to the Tx and Rx pins and uplaod the code. Make sure you isntall all the needed libraries that you could also find on the link below.

Test all functions
PART 4 - Android App

Below you can find the .aia file and the apk file for the Android app that I've made in AppInventor. This App will connect to the Bluetooth module and send different bytes depending on the presed button. It will send a "T" each time the text button is pressed. It will send a "E" each time the eyes button is pressed. It will send a "B" when the brightness is changed. It will send a "O" to turn everything off, an "R" for rainbode mode selected, a "S" for robocop mode selected and a "P" for miorophone control mode selected. Also a "C" for random mode.

Final design
PART 5 - Use the helmet

Nowe we have the LED matrix inside of the helmet witht the Arduino NANO, the BT module and the microphone. Connect the LiPo battery and start the LED strip. Install the DaftPunk App on your smartphone. Open Bluetooth settings and search for devices. When the HC-06 is found, pair to it using "0000" ir "1234" password. Now open the App and click the bluetooth icon in the top left corner. Select HC-06 and connect. Now touch the modes of the app and test how it works.


That's it. This is how my Daft Punk helmet works. You have the part lsit, the STL 3D files, the schematic, the code and App ready to dwonload here in this tutorial. Im ope that you like it and if you consider supporting my work, here is my PATREON page. Thank you!


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