How to upload a sketch to an Arduino NANO without USB port

Aug 07th, 2019 | by: matti04.electronics
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For my recent project, the bike light, I made my own PCB with the service of AISLER.net . But I made one design mistake: I could not insert the USB cable to the responing jack because there was an other component in the way. That's why I had to program it in an other way: The ICSP port. You will be surprised how easy it is! I will keep the tutorial as short as possible, but if you want more informations, here are some usefull links: 

I don't take any responsibility on what you make, imitate at your own risk!

Prepare the UNO

Go to the Arduino IDE, select 
file ▶️ examples ▶️ ArduinoISP ▶️ Arduino ISP 
and upload the sketch as usual on the Arduino UNO.

Make the circuit

Use some dupont cables and make the circuit as in the photo. Don't forget the GND and 5V connections! Please ignore the red wire on the board and the different wire colours in the photo!
please ignore the red wire on the board and the different wire colours!
Fritzing circuit  DOWNLOAD


Now you can choose in the board menu Arduino NANO, and then down there you can choose the programmer. Choose Arduino as ISP (not ArduinoISP). Now the magic happens 😜: Choose 
Sketch ▶️ Upload using programmer
and it should work fine. Thank you for reading and happy making! 


  • matti04.electronics

    about 2 years ago

    How did you like this short tutorial? Should I make a YouTube video about it?

  • Gert Fourie

    about 20 days ago

    Good day to you Matti04 Thank you for the tutorial. I blew up my nano USB port cap by inserting a stripped down usb cable... I don't ask. I have been crawling through the www with no joy or half a§Ed tutorials that doesn't work. I'm aware of the fact that I am thanking you in advance (I can only test a bit later), however I am sure that it will work. I will post the results soon. Thank you Gert

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