Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis

about 7 months ago
  • Software Engineer
  • Greece
Project - EncEther | in Arduino

  As one of many programmers with the "NIH syndrome",  I always wanted to write my own ethernet stack. You know. Mine is better, faster, safer etc. And as if this wasn't enough I wanted to write it not in C, C++ or python but in Free Pascal. And why stop there ? So, I decide to implemen... view more

Johnny L

about 9 months ago
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • United States
Project - Arduino Uno Plus | in Arduino

It is an Arduino Uno that communicates to another MCU the input and output status and value right.  This then displays the values right next to the pin speeding up debugging. view more


about 1 year ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain

Tutorial - Haz tu propio Arduino UNO

Este es mi electronoobino, versión 1. O. En este tutorial te mostraré cómo hice mi propia placa como Arduino Uno pero con algunos complementos únicos que quería. Mi placa tiene una doble fila de pines, puerto SPI compatible con estos módulos NRF24 porque los uso mucho, puerto mini B US... view more


about 2 years ago
  • Maker
  • Germany

Tutorial - How to upload a sketch to an Arduino NANO without USB port

For my recent project, the bike light, I made my own PCB with the service of AISLER.net . But I made one design mistake: I could not insert the USB cable to the responing jack because there was an other component in the way. That's why I had to program it in an other way: The ICSP port. You ... view more