Useful Electronics

about 2 months ago
  • Turkey

Project - Op-amp Based Oscillator

Hello ElectroNOOBs :)how is everybody?In this video, the working principle of comparator is explained and used to build an oscillating circuit out of an op-amp. The oscillator output can be adjusted depending on an RC network. every part used in the circuit is explained in detailsStay tuned. view more

Useful Electronics

about 3 months ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - Relay Based Oscillator with Boost Converter

hello my Friends I hope that everybody is doing fine Today I want to share this video with you, where the working principle of a relay based oscillator is explained theoretically and practically. This oscillator is embedded to a boost converter to step up the DC voltage. The working principle... view more

Rick Sanchez

about 6 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States


Crystal or ceramic resonator and then we have the oscillator. What is the difference between these 3 elements, why we need them in our circuits, how each of these works and what configurations do we have. In this post we will see all that. I’ll try to explain the main differences between crysta... view more