Yue Beifong

about 6 months ago
  • Uganda
Project - Open Source Drone with Gerber-file, STL, Schematic and Code | Full Explanation | in Arduino

I build a Quadcopter using an Arduino Nano, the MPU6050 and NRF24In the discription you can find all the code I wrote for this Project, the stl-files and a gerber file for the flightcontroller.I am new to electronics and this was my first project, if you have any recommandations for future projec... view more

Kevin Channon

about 6 months ago
  • Chemical Engineer
  • United Kingdom
Project - Biltong Maker | in Meat

This is my in progress biltong maker I am making as a present for my brother.  You ask what is biltong?   It is air dried cured beef that is eaten an a delicacy in Sothern Africa, most similar to beef jerky.


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Homewater 2609

about 7 months ago
  • Afghanistan
Project - Arduino Nano Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Display w Soft Latch Power and Function Button | in Arduino

Arduino Nano Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Display with a Custom built Soft Latch Power and Function Button Proto Board and with its own internal BMS and Boost circuit to run off a 1s LiON.Hello!Full disclosure I am posting this because of the competition, hopefully it quilifies as I have just f... view more


about 2 years ago
  • Maker
  • Germany

Tutorial - How to upload a sketch to an Arduino NANO without USB port

For my recent project, the bike light, I made my own PCB with the service of AISLER.net . But I made one design mistake: I could not insert the USB cable to the responing jack because there was an other component in the way. That's why I had to program it in an other way: The ICSP port. You ... view more