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about 1 year ago
  • Turkey
Project - ESP32S3 LA66 LoRaWAN Module with LVGL TFT Interface | in Microcontrollers In this tutorial I am sharing with you guys my experiment with LA66 LoRaWan module from Dragino. I have interfaced the module using ESP32S3 MCU. While 2 LA66 modules were exchanging pingpong messages over 868MHz LoRa band, The MCU is receiving the RF communic... view more

  • Australia
Project - LoRa minipci-e gateway shield with POE and PMOD based on VoCore2 | in Basic Circuits

HardwareMore details over: small LoRa gateway adapter (75x41mm) is motivated by the need of a maker-friendly LoRaWan concentrator card. This version of the board is meant to work with the USB firmware for the n-fuse board.view more