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Tutorial - How to Make a Wireless Soldering Iron

Post by ardutronic. Sometimes I feel like soldering outdoors, but I can't take my soldering station outside, so I decided to make a wireless soldering iron.  view more

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about 2 years ago
Project - Soldering iron repair | in Basic Circuits

Hello Everyone, In this tutorial I have made a repair of a soldering iron which is really  to do. I hope you like it.........WARNING: Don't deal with high voltages without safety precautions.Here is a short tutorial for repairing your soldering iron at a cheap price. But keep in mind that it... view more


about 2 years ago
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Finally, the board works perfect. So I could make a 3D design for the case and this is a final product that could end up on Kickstarter. It is a very cheap project, around 15$ for all the parts . On this tutorial you willhave a full part list, the schematic and layout of the board in case you wan... view more