Adrian Anghel

about 5 years ago
  • Agricultural Engineer in Horticulture and Gardening
  • Spain
Project - DIY Recycled Pokemon Planters | in Basic Circuits

I'm a coffee-freak during winter and coka-cola-freak during the summer. Summer has just started and my house is already getting filled with cola plastic bottles. I also keep the coffee jars, they're great for keeping jewelry beads and findings. Any... view more

John Bruh

about 5 years ago
  • CAD designer
  • United States

Tutorial - Mobile Vertical Raised Garden Bed Using Old Cases of Wine

We've been looking for a way to do our own vegetables gardening without using up a lot of space unlike convential raised garden beds. The final idea we came up with using old cases of wine stacked up on top of each other, also got us the benef... view more