about 2 years ago
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Project - How to keep all your Dupont wires organised! | in Basic Circuits

So here's just a quick tip on how to organize all your dupont wires which can be bought for very cheap online. Thingiverse user urish made this really cool design and you can print it to organize all your cables. You can either search your needed length in the remixes or use the cutomizer... view more


about 2 years ago
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Project - 3D FILAMENT METER WITH ARDUINO | in Basic Circuits

For some time now, maybe more than a year, I wanted to make my own 3D filament extruder in order to recycle old or bad 3D printed parts. But a filament extruder needs a few parts such as the motor, the extruder, the heating block, the PID process but also to mesure the diameter of the output fila... view more