Faisal Nasser

about 11 months ago
  • Technician
  • Oman
Project - Arduino based Pro's Kit desolder | in Arduino

Here is a  DIY Pro's Kit desolder control station that I made utilizing a really basic and simple components I hope you all like it. view more

Useful Electronics

about 1 year ago
  • Turkey
Project - Op-amp Based Oscillator | in Basic Circuits

Hello ElectroNOOBs :)how is everybody?In this video, the working principle of comparator is explained and used to build an oscillating circuit out of an op-amp. The oscillator output can be adjusted depending on an RC network. every part used in the circuit is explained in detailsStay tuned. view more

Useful Electronics

about 2 years ago
  • Turkey
Project - Electronic Bagpipes | in Basic Circuits

hello everybody :)The way of building electronic bagpipes is explained in details in this video. Starting from SR latch through the concept of a stable multi-vibrator oscillator, the used circuit is build in details and the function of each part is it is discussed.see you next time view more

Useful Electronics

about 2 years ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - Relay Based Oscillator with Boost Converter

hello my Friends I hope that everybody is doing fine Today I want to share this video with you, where the working principle of a relay based oscillator is explained theoretically and practically. This oscillator is embedded to a boost converter to step up the DC voltage. The working principle... view more

Average Jo

about 2 years ago
  • Inventor
  • Nigeria

Tutorial - The complete basics of electronics

Practical Electronics   for InventorsCreated by :Paul Scherz and Dr. Simon Monk  This book is very informative for people getting started with electronic, it cover basic to advanced knowledge. Advance your electronics knowledge and gain the skills necessary to develop and... view more

Noob 842

about 2 years ago
Project - Electronics Basics | Things to learn before "Arduino" | In less than 5 minutes | in Basic Circuits

I hope that this video will remove your confusion between arduino and basics of electronics(which one to learn first) and still if you have any doubts or suggestions you are welcome to comment down below. Here are links for the books- Make Electronics: https://www.amazon.in/Make-Electro... view more

tutos Ingenieria

about 2 years ago
  • Ingeniero electricista
  • Afghanistan

Tutorial - Cubo LED con arduino 9x9x9


La función principal del cubo es poder desplegar animaciones en tres dimensiones entre ellos letreros, formas y efectos, el proceso de construcción es complejo por la cantidad de puntos de conexiones y la repetición del trabajo, pero su proc... view more