about 3 months ago
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Project - HALF BRIDGE ESC | in Basic Circuits

I hope you all remember my open-source ESC design that I’ve made last year and the other versions as well. That one is based on a full triple bridge of MOSFETs and a back EMF closed loop control. This one here for today tutorial, is based on a half bridge control. Basic... view more

Yue Beifong

about 9 months ago
  • Uganda
Project - Open Source Drone with Gerber-file, STL, Schematic and Code | Full Explanation | in Arduino

I build a Quadcopter using an Arduino Nano, the MPU6050 and NRF24In the discription you can find all the code I wrote for this Project, the stl-files and a gerber file for the flightcontroller.I am new to electronics and this was my first project, if you have any recommandations for future projec... view more


about 11 months ago
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Project - Homemade ESC | in Basic Circuits

Siempre que tengamos un sistema con un microcontrolador actuando sobre motores, definitivamente tendremos problemas de voltaje y corriente como lo explica ELECTRONOOBS en su  tutorial sobre ESCs . Los microprocesadores suelen trabajar a un voltaje de 3,3 o 5 voltios y utilizan... view more

David Morreres Viladegut

about 2 years ago
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Project - TOY QUAD TUNING | in Basic Circuits

¿Que mejor manera para empezar a jugar con los smt32 que hacerlo con un proyecto que sin lugar a dudas van a disfrutar mucho tus hijos?


Este quad de juguete ori... view more

Rick Sanchez

about 2 years ago
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  • United States

Tutorial - DIY $150 Electric Longboard

Electric vehicles are cool and there is no doubt about it. Especially electric skateboards! Ever since I saw Casey Neistat riding boosted board I wanted to try this on my own. Price of the boosted is high or even very high so as usually I thought t... view more