about 17 days ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


Usually, each time I have a project with a small battery that I also want to charge, I use a small charging module with USB connector. But then, all the other digital components usually work at 5V, but the battery is 3.7V. So, for that I add another small module, a boost converter to give me 5V. ... view more

Manuel Bonomi

about 8 months ago
  • Industrial engineering student
  • Italy

Project - Free Li-ion cells from old camera battery

I found this little Sony camera battery thrown away with some others alkaline dead batteries. On the little label glued to the battery, it was written that it contains Li-ion cells rated 680mAh. I was so curious to see the shape of the cells inside, test them and see if they were reusable for som... view more

Rick Sanchez

about 9 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States


Around 2 years back I've made a huge portable Bluetooth speaker but that had some errors with the circuit. Then, I've made a small portable bluetooth speaker that had a good circuit. Now, I'me making a new version for the big speaker but with all the errors corrected. It will have a 6S battery pa... view more

Andrei Gabriel

about 9 months ago
  • Electrical Engineer and Maker
  • Spain

Tutorial - 6S & BMS BATTERY PACK

This is a very basic tutorial and there are already a lot of guides on how make something like this. But, since this is part of a future project (electric longbaord), well I'm doing this first step and show you how to connect the batteries, add charging protection. I'll use some Samsung INR18650 ... view more