Parth Kale

about 2 months ago
  • India
Project - 85 controller | in Basic Circuits

This is very cheap,  small in size, and a great choice for any small or compact projects. This microcontroller board has attiny85 ic as the main part. The board can be operated on two different clock speed first internal 1 mhz and secondly external 16mhz. The board has four 5v pins, four GND... view more


about 3 months ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


See how I've made my own PCB for the well know circuit of ATtiny85 Arcade game. Here you will have the schematic, part list, step by step of soldering components, how to burn bootloader and how to upload codes for different games to the ATtiny85. I know this is nothing new and you have more here ... view more