Useful Electronics

about 4 months ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - 3D Printed LED Candle

This is my 3D candle LED design that can be used for decoration purposes. The design STL file can be downloaded from the link bellow:

Youtube Video Link:

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Useful Electronics

about 6 months ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - 5mm LED Diffuser

In this video, my 3D printed 5mm LED Diffusers designs are demonstrated with 5mm RGB LED flasher. the STL files can be reached through thingverse link below:


Video link:

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Sherm Stebbins

about 10 months ago
  • United States

Tutorial - Jar of Fire Fly's ATtiny85

I've made many of these and given them away.. People keep asking for them.. So I keep making them..

They are a simulation of fire fly's in a Jar. Using Arduino Nano to program the ATtiny85. I use Charlie Plexing to get more lights lit then there are pins. This project is desi... view more

Useful Electronics

about 1 year ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - RGB LED Array Control Using STM32 Multiple ADC Channels With DMA In this video, the steps followed to construct an RGB LED array hardware are explained in details and the way of controlling the array LEDs colors using STM32 over multiple multiple ADC channels with DMA is discussed. view more

Hrushikesh Joshi

about 2 years ago
  • Student
  • India
Project - Arduino Based 8*8*8 LED Cube | in Arduino

I Made a 8*8*8 LED Cube which can display programmable patterns. This project is based on Arduino. I have used SN74HC595 (Shift Registers) and PN 2222A (Switches). view more

Alice Kun

about 2 years ago
  • Maker
  • Colombia
Project - Color-changing lamp emulates a “touch” sensor with a microphone | in LEDs

YouTuber “Peterbiglab” wanted an input for his DIY color-changing lamp, but didn’t want to use buttons or even hav... view more

Rick Sanchez

about 3 years ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States


Well, you could just go to eBay and buy a kit like this one with everything ready for assemble. But that is not as fun as making one. In this tutorial I show you how I've made my own acrylic display with RGB LEDs and adressable LED strip, so we could place multiple displays in series. B... view more


about 3 years ago
  • Spain
Project - Bitcoin led badge | in Basic Circuits

A simple pcb board with the Bitcoin logo using smd leds and usb power. This is a first prototype than can be used even as a led torch! Next version will be PWM driven with an ATTINY10 and a mosfet plus battery/cellcoin. I think that could be used for more logos showing that led love! :-D view more

tutos Ingenieria

about 3 years ago
  • Ingeniero electricista
  • Afghanistan

Tutorial - Cubo LED con arduino 9x9x9


La función principal del cubo es poder desplegar animaciones en tres dimensiones entre ellos letreros, formas y efectos, el proceso de construcción es complejo por la cantidad de puntos de conexiones y la repetición del trabajo, pero su proc... view more

Camelia Ront

about 3 years ago
  • Engineer
  • Romania

Tutorial - LED Space Helmet

Here is a unique element for you to add to your astronaut costume, bring to Burning Man, or wear to the next dance party!**There has been a major update to this Instructable! For the new version, check out V2 here:**

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about 3 years ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


In this tutorial we make a SCROLLING DOT MATRIX device with Bluetooth connection and a real time clock to show time, date, temperature and day of the week. I've made an Android app to control this and change speed, brightness and select modes and also to send text to be scrolled on the display. S... view more