about 11 days ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


This is a prototype on a Variable Frequeny Driver or VFD. With this circuit we would control the frequency of high AC voltage and by that the speed of induction AC motors. Since we work with high voltage, is a dangerous circuit so be careful. The idea is to turn 230V AC voltage to DC vo... view more

Teodor Traikov

about 3 months ago
  • Bulgaria

Project - 12v to 220v inverter

    I'm working on 500w inverter using SG3525 and IRF1404Z. The transformer is taken from an old power supply. Topology is Push-pull.    Primary coil is 2x2 turns with center tap. It's made from 9x0.57mm copper wire. The length is about 120 cm per wire.     Seco... view more