Mikael Jansson

about 4 years ago
  • Sweden
Project - VFD Clock | in Clocks

Clock with vacuum florecent display, wifi based and NTP sync.Based on ESP8266 and MAXIM6921.And three home designed PCB's.Powered by a 5v usb Charger, the first board creates 3 voltages:- 3v3 för the ESP- 5v for ATTiny85- 20v for the VFD through the driver.The second board is the main board for ... view more


about 4 years ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


Please see the past ESP8266 tutorial in order to learn more. You have a lot more details about this in that tutorial. We detect the door open with a hall sensor and a magnet. The Arduino will send the data to a database that we have on our website and we do that with the ESP8266. The ph... view more

Justin Lange

about 4 years ago
  • Student
  • Germany
Project - Esp8266 based Smarthome System | in Basic Circuits

Can youmake a Smarthome based on the esp 8266 where you can turn on a light or somthing? view more


about 5 years ago
  • student
  • Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Tutorial - Electronoobs ESP8266 on arduino UNO or NANO

Electronoobs created few weeks ago a nice tutorial on YouTube how to use ESP8266 with arduino to control home appliances or read sensor values from anywhere. His code was too big to be upload on arduino UNO or NANO (ATmege328P). It was necessary to use arduino MEGA. "Full version" of Electro... view more