Rick Sanchez

about 7 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States

Tutorial - DIY $150 Electric Longboard

Electric vehicles are cool and there is no doubt about it. Especially electric skateboards! Ever since I saw Casey Neistat riding boosted board I wanted to try this on my own. Price of the boosted is high or even very high so as usually I thought t... view more

Andrei Gabriel

about 7 months ago
  • Electrical Engineer and Maker
  • Spain

Project - Sensored ESC - Homemade

In a past tutorial we have build an ESC for sensor-less brushless motors. Without sensors we had to implement a back electromotive force detection and make the switching sequence with that. The circuit got quite complicated and the code wasn't the best neither. So, in this tutorial... view more


about 8 months ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


I've been trying to make a good ESC for years. My first prototype 3 years ago was working "good". It was very big and the BEMF was not that good. It could reach decent speeds and you ahve that tutorial here on this page. Now, with my final version I have all taht I wanted. High speed, good B... view more