Watchdog 2091

about 5 months ago
  • India

Tutorial - LCD Weather Monitor

We are always fascinated with a display that shows some information like weather, status or anything which is to be monitored. So today I will use this TFT LCD display along with arduino for displaying weather and brightness. You can print anything on the display. As an example I have chosen weat... view more

Rick Sanchez

about 9 months ago
  • Electrical engineer
  • United States


Well, you could just go to eBay and buy a kit like this one with everything ready for assemble. But that is not as fun as making one. In this tutorial I show you how I've made my own acrylic display with RGB LEDs and adressable LED strip, so we could place multiple displays in series. B... view more

Andrei Gabriel

about 1 year ago
  • Electrical Engineer and Maker
  • Spain


This is a huge 7 segment display. I mean is not huge, but compared with a common 7 segment display module, this one is quite big. The board is 130 by 80 mm. But that’s not the best part of this project. This PCB is controlled in series using just one data pin. If you ever used this WS 28 11 add... view more


about 1 year ago
  • Colombia
Project - PUNTA LÓGICA DIGITAL 74HC04 | in Basic Circuits

Este PCB está basado en un circuito de uso libre que puede encontrar fácilmente en Internet, es muy práctico para verificar estados lógicos en nuestros circuitos, no es el circuito mas complejo pero espero les sea de utilidad como a mi.Funciona de manera muy simple, en el display de 7 segment... view more