about 13 days ago
  • Electronic Engineer and YouTuber
  • Spain


Usually, each time I have a project with a small battery that I also want to charge, I use a small charging module with USB connector. But then, all the other digital components usually work at 5V, but the battery is 3.7V. So, for that I add another small module, a boost converter to give me 5V. ... view more

Tobias Gogolin

about 3 months ago
  • Inventor
  • Germany

Project - Open Source Scalable Battery Management Standard

I recognized certain issues about common BMS schemes and imagined alternative solutions that could lead to a progressive new standard where vehicles could flexibly be  mixed even if capacities, age and type of batteries vary!Please try this presentation of the general ideas and proposed circ... view more

Andrei Gabriel

about 9 months ago
  • Electrical Engineer and Maker
  • Spain

Tutorial - 6S & BMS BATTERY PACK

This is a very basic tutorial and there are already a lot of guides on how make something like this. But, since this is part of a future project (electric longbaord), well I'm doing this first step and show you how to connect the batteries, add charging protection. I'll use some Samsung INR18650 ... view more