Digambar Sharma

about 2 years ago
  • Student
  • India
Project - Arduino based digital smart watch | in Microcontrollers

This project is made of Arduino NANO, MAX7219 IC, DS3231 RTC module, 74HC04 IC, 16x2 LCD i2C display, TSOP 2818 IR receiver, IR remote, buzzer, LDR, DHT11 temperature sensor, 60 3mm blue LEDs, 130 3mm RG LEDs, LM7805, 2x( 100uF and 0.1uF ).The main features of this project is to display and contr... view more

Tobias Gogolin

about 4 years ago
  • Inventor
  • Germany
Project - Open Source Scalable Battery Management Standard | in Basic Circuits

I recognized certain issues about common BMS schemes and imagined alternative solutions that could lead to a progressive new standard where vehicles could flexibly be  mixed even if capacities, age and type of batteries vary!Please try this presentation of the general ideas and proposed circ... view more