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about 10 months ago
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Project - 12V @10Amps switching power supply | in Reuse

The switching power supply us based on UC3845 fixed frequency current mode controller. Output voltage is 12V at 10Amps constant current. primary and secondary are isolated with transformer and optocoupler, so providing safe environment for use. view more

Parth Kale

about 10 months ago
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Project - 85 controller | in Basic Circuits

This is very cheap,  small in size, and a great choice for any small or compact projects. This microcontroller board has attiny85 ic as the main part. The board can be operated on two different clock speed first internal 1 mhz and secondly external 16mhz. The board has four 5v pins, four GND... view more

Noob 7259

about 11 months ago
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Project - Microcontroller based pump controller | in Microcontrollers

In countries including Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, India, a city water authority supplies the clean water and pumps it into large ground-level storage tanks. A resident’s water pump then pumps the water to a water tank on top of his/her house. When the water le... view more

preetcharan singh

about 2 years ago
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Tutorial - diy arduino based rc remote controller

Arduino rc transmitter based on electronoobs projects with some modifications this is rc remote control based on arduino pro mini and nrfz24lo1 module which cost you about 7$ (receiver and transmitter both)range of about 800 meters tested in forest area and 1khm in open ground.please refer to ori... view more