J.S.Bee 7649

about 2 years ago
  • Afghanistan

Tutorial - What's the ip Kenneth or An easy way to find your DIY IoT or WiFi device

Being able to create networkable DIY devices is a great thing! Finding them on your network when you need to know the IP address can be a real pain sometimes though.  You can have it printed on the serial monitor of the device or use your WiFi router's connected devices page to look i... view more


about 2 years ago
  • India
Project - Arduino Dice | in Arduino

An electronic dice can be used for board games amd to generate random numbers to set a pin number.This project is made with an Arduino Uno, 7 LEDs, a Push Button, and a Breadboard.This project makes use of the random number generator to generate a random number from 1-6 and displays it with the h... view more

Digambar Sharma

about 2 years ago
  • Student
  • India
Project - Arduino based digital smart watch | in Microcontrollers

This project is made of Arduino NANO, MAX7219 IC, DS3231 RTC module, 74HC04 IC, 16x2 LCD i2C display, TSOP 2818 IR receiver, IR remote, buzzer, LDR, DHT11 temperature sensor, 60 3mm blue LEDs, 130 3mm RG LEDs, LM7805, 2x( 100uF and 0.1uF ).The main features of this project is to display and contr... view more

Michael P

about 3 years ago
  • Austria
Project - Electrically lockable treasure chest | in Arduino

In this project I built a treasure chest, which is mechanically locked by bars. Theese bars can be unlocked if you enter the right code. The code is entered at the rotable mouthpiece. The rotation is recognised by a rotary encoder. If the user applies the right code, the bars will open by the for... view more

Suhail Panarath

about 3 years ago
  • Electronic Hobyist
  • Afghanistan
Project - How to Build a USBTiny ISP Programmer | in Microcontrollers

Did you think about how to build a USBTiny ISP Programmer on your own?

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Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis

about 3 years ago
  • Software Engineer
  • Greece
Project - EncEther | in Arduino

  As one of many programmers with the "NIH syndrome",  I always wanted to write my own ethernet stack. You know. Mine is better, faster, safer etc. And as if this wasn't enough I wanted to write it not in C, C++ or python but in Free Pascal. And why stop there ? So, I decide to implemen... view more

Justin Lange

about 3 years ago
  • Student
  • Germany
Project - Arduino based Smart Workshop | in Arduino

I build a Arduino based Smart Workshop System. It is based around the Arduino nano but the Microcontroller can be changed. When i pass by the Movement Sensor it turns on a Relay wich (if wanted) can be turned on by a extra Switch. The same goes for another Relay wich isn`t connected yet. For... view more

Gyan Krishna

about 3 years ago
  • Afghanistan
Project - Prosthetic arm | in Arduino

this is a 3d printed prosthetic arm that uses emg sensors for input. the hand is 3d printed in petg material. the electronics is controlled by an Arduino Nano, which takes input from a emg sensor that is used to control the fingers.each finger is controlled by strings connected to a ser... view more

Faisal Nasser

about 3 years ago
  • Technician
  • Oman
Project - Arduino based Pro's Kit desolder | in Arduino

Here is a  DIY Pro's Kit desolder control station that I made utilizing a really basic and simple components I hope you all like it. view more

Androbot Arancibia

about 3 years ago
  • Bolivia
Project - Detector de temperatura y humedad (incubadora de huevos)) | in

este proyecto es una parte de una maquina incubadora de huevosesta hecha con un microcontrolador ATMEGA328p usando comomonitor un OLED de 4 pines para visualizar la temperaturay humedad del interior de una incubadora que esta controladacon un pic 16f877a.la incubadora tiene como destino incubar 3... view more

Noob 2309

about 3 years ago
Project - Water-Proof Ultrasonic sensor with separate transducer & receiver | in Arduino

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_cyxoqvWe8 i have seen your video of making a Ultrasonic sensor, i am now tring to make one of my own. but i want it to be waterproof so rather then using a SR04 speaker i am tring to use SR04T speaker but it not working. any suggestion. view more

Vladimir Espinoza

about 4 years ago
  • Mechanical engineer
  • El Salvador
Project - Variable Message sign controller | in Basic Circuits

Hello, i'm Vladimir espinoza, i'm a mechanical engineer from El Salvador, I love learn about electronics, sensors and programming microcontrollers, a month a go I receive a task to fix a LED variable Message sign that does not work, so I did reverse engineering to a one LED panel to build the sch... view more

Robin Gorius

about 4 years ago
  • Student
  • France
Project - Arduino based kitchen bell | in Basic Circuits

As my parents were anoyed to always yell at my sister and I to call us for dinner and never get any answer, I get to work and create this arduino based kitchen bell. The systeme is composed of a main housing wich is located in the kitchen. It contained a 20×4 lcd screen wich display the informat... view more

Noob 1407

about 4 years ago
Project - Design and Development of Automatic Sorting Machine for Automation system | in Basic Circuits

The sorting system is one of the useful in industrial operation. In generally the sorting system can be used the different application like Medical sort production, food production, sports equipment production, steel production, car production, home appliance production, warehousing and also use ... view more

Moad K. D

about 4 years ago
  • Engineer
  • Jordan
Project - DIY hot air gun station | in Basic Circuits

Recently i worked in hot air gun project and finally i finished it. It's working on 220v Ac with current consumption 3.5 Amps..controllable temperature and fan speed.. Auto switch off on its base and maximum temperature about 400°c. It's work as expected, I'm very happy with it 😊 view more