Design and Development of Automatic Sorting Machine for Automation system

Dec 01st, 2019 | by: Noob 1407
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The sorting system is one of the useful in industrial operation. In generally the sorting system can be used the different application like Medical sort production, food production, sports equipment production, steel production, car production, home appliance production, warehousing and also use in the airport to sort the passenger flight bag. The operation of the sorting machine is the same in each of those following but the structure of the machine can be different.  Hence, in this thesis, the Automatic Sorting Machine is designed to sort the metal and non-metal like nylon block in the project. As the development of existing materials sorting system, the RGB colour sort operation is contained and each material block can spilt not only metal/non-metal but can also sort their different colour in each container. That machine can split the mixture of the products (for example, both different objects are contained like mixed) and each object can sort in different places. The design must be sample, the operation must be smooth and the control must be got actual time responding. In design construction the welding system must be used, the frame is used metal and fibreglass for strength and high design quality. In the fabrication of Automatic Sorting Machine, the control and sensor circuit must be installed with PCB design and each circuit must be sample, high quality. According to the design, the machine will sort the metal and nylon parts in operation and each part is divided into different places. Overall the design must be operated not only automatically in actual time but also user can monitor and control the process by using the microcontroller.


The automatic sorting machine is based on the industrial manufacturing process and generally based on the Microcontroller in the project to monitor the sample sorting system due to the industrial base project. The operation of the automatic sorting machine is the metal and non-metal colour sort base systems, which mean to sort the metal and non-metal object with their colour on the block. Therefore, the colour sensor and Metal sensor were mainly used in the design. 
There are five main parts of the automatic sorting machine,
Monitoring unit
Controlling unit
Sensing system
Frames hardware
Final collection process

Complete project
Power circuit and some control circuit

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