Over done Retro Looking Raspberry Pi Build

Aug 22nd, 2019 | by: Lee
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I bought a HP Protocol Analyzer for a few bucks on eBay. After finding out there is no available software for it at all I gutted it and slapped a Pi in it.

The goal was to reuse the Keyboard and CRT display but the Keyboard was taking too long to rebuild and I was going to cheat and use a B&W portable CRT TV display board but the two smallest TVs I could find wouldn't fit. So I had to result in using an LCD and a Bluetooth Keyboard that was on clearance. The whole purpose for the project was to have an old school modern looking Serial Terminal for RS232 snooping since in my line of work we use RS232 to program URC remote systems, Control4 and so on. Not to mention a lot of home consumer products have RX-TX pins to bring up a Linux Bash Shell or UBoot to see what I can manipulate.

Currently the base model is finished. I have a MeanWell SMP that outputs 12volt 6amps, Raspberry Pi3, A couple of Buck Converters to drop the voltage for the 5V and 3.3V Rails. A multi Memory Card Reader to populate the old Floppy Drive in the Chassis, LCD that has HDMI, VGA and Dual RCA. Bluetooth Keyboard and a Wireless Mouse for if I ever need a Xorg session. I have a 9pin Serial on the back of the unit for connecting to RS232 and a header for universal connections. I also have a RCA in for testing Analog CCTV cameras as well. The nifty part I have a Reed Switch I can use to select the LCD Source Inputs. To finish the Project I plan to modify the Protocol Module to have a Variable Power Supply and Voltmeter. If I have room maybe an Audible Continuity tester. I'm also leaning towards to changing out the Power Supply and drop in a Altronix SMP3 Power Supply so I can have a Backup Battery for portable use.


Kinda looks like an old Kaypro Computer, Piepro?

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