Arduino based digital smart watch

Jul 18th, 2021 | by: Digambar Sharma
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This project is made of Arduino NANO, MAX7219 IC, DS3231 RTC module, 74HC04 IC, 16x2 LCD i2C display, TSOP 2818 IR receiver, IR remote, buzzer, LDR, DHT11 temperature sensor, 60 3mm blue LEDs, 130 3mm RG LEDs, LM7805, 2x( 100uF and 0.1uF ).

The main features of this project is to display and control the following stuffs --
1. Date 
2. Days of week
3. Time
4. Temperature
5. Humidity
6. Set alarm
7. Intensity
8. Colour
9. Tick-Tick animation


All the features of this digital watch is programmed by myself. It's processes including --

1. Designing 2D layout of digital watch

2. Cutting and drilling the hole of 3mm size for                   insertion LEDs in a appropriate size

3. Inserting all the seven segment display LEDs and         60 LEDs for second needle movement.

4. Then Soldering all LEDs in a required manner.

5. Inserting all the sensor and module.

6. And lastly programmed the watch.

Front view
Internal view


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