Tic-tac-toe game based on Arduino and STONE HMI

Jun 30th, 2021 | by: Robert li
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I recently bought STONE's new product and got familiar with it by making a fun and simple mini-game.

Materials required for the experiment

Arduino UNO

Stone STWI070WT-01 tft lcd display

The system principle

Specify the first tap on the screen must be O, the second tap on the screen is X, has been doing this cycle. Set 8 arrays to store the number of O and X in each row, column and diagonal of each grid, as long as there are three of the same mark is the victory, then there will be a flashing red box to prove the victory of the row, column or diagonal, and then tap reset to start the game again.


1: create the project and load the required pictures into the project.

2: use the Stone-designer software to create, dynamically associated relationships; the main controls are: "Button", "image";

3: software simulation and compilation to generate executable files.

4: the LCD display is connected to the PC via USB and the executable file is downloaded to the screen.

Simple connection diagram
GUI design
Product diagram

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