USBasp ( No drivers needed on Windows )

Mar 21st, 2021 | by: Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis
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  while I was working on my version of USBaspUART ( a project that adds UART support to USBasp ... ;) ) I stumbled upon Marius Greuel's @mariusgreuel ( https://github.com/mariusgreuel/USBasp ) repo . He added a Microsoft OS feature descriptor and WinUSB compatibility descriptor . When a USB device with this firmware is plugged in, Windows will automatically load the built-in WinUSB driver.

  I took his code and removed any changes from V-USB's usbdrv file. I came up with a version, which uses a V-USB trunk ( no changes to the driver code ) and could be used as a "template" also for any AVR project which uses V-USB . Just plug your V-USB "powered" device and the Windows will add the default winusb driver. No more zadig, signed drivers or dll hell !

Tested on Windows 10 but it should work from windows XP SP2 and up !

I forked Ralph's excellent improved USBasp firmware and add my changes. You can get it at https://github.com/dioannidis/usbasp. For those that couldn't build the firmware, I uploaded a prebuilded firmware for USBasp with atmega8 named main_winusb.hex .

Feedback is as always welcome ...



USBaspUART on a breadboard


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