Bottle lid color sorting machine

Nov 28th, 2020 | by: Siba
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Bottle lid color sorting machine

General purpose

Me and my friends are collecting bottle lids as a recycling material. We remelt them in a mold a then use in our projects. But before we melt the bottle lids, we wash them and sort by color. That could be quite boring task, so I come up with this project to make this step less labour-intensive.

Functional principle
First, at the top of the machine, the lid gets color sensed, then it falls to a "crossroad", which divides the path to three paths. And at the end of every divided path there is another "crossroad", which divides the paths again. This way there are 10 paths the lid can fall, using only a few servo motors.

Materials used
It's a relatively cheap project as brain of the operation is Pro Micro, then it uses 4 mg996r sized servo motor, 1 sg90 servo, 1 TCS3200 color sensor breakout board and finally 1 photoresistor with a 220ohm resistor to create a voltage divider.


Project as a whole
Slots for storage boxes
Color sensing part
Pro Micro perfboard circuit


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