Arduino Based RFID & Keypad Access Controller

Nov 14th, 2020 | by: Yazan Sartawi
Category: Electronics
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This Project is an RFID & Keypad Access Controller based on Arduino
I have used arduino pro-mini due to its small size and capabilities .
the purpose of this system is to allow a certain users to use the intended object such as Entering a room , using an elevator , open a door..etc
the system has a master key which can be used to enter the programming mode , in that mode you can add RFID tags by passing them on the RFID receiver which is in my case MFRC522  , there are indication LEDS to show that that the card is added or not or has ben already added before , I idnt use any external EEPROM so there are a limit of how many users can be added and that is 63 users , you can also add passwords , the user can also control the output energize time 
the circuit works on a voltage range of 7v up to 24v dc



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