Arduino "Unread Emails" counter

Nov 08th, 2020 | by: Ubejd Haziri
Category: Electronics Computers
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Using Arduino and the Google Python API I get the number of unread emails and print it on the LCD. To communicate with the arduino I used pyserial module. If there are any unread emails a red LED turns on if there are more than 10 unread emails the red LED starts to blink.

P.S. This is just the idea and a prototype of the real project. It isn't fully functional for the moment.



  • Rochan Awasthi

    about 6 months ago

    can you send its code

    Ubejd Haziri

    about 6 months ago

    I'll post the GitHub link here when I finish it because I'm still modifying the code. Thanks

  • Noob 5960

    about 6 months ago

    I think its a very useful project and could help some people

  • Noob 6035

    about 6 months ago

    This is really helpful and I hope this one wins and whoever is seeing this please do something about it because it looks really good and this project will be a masterpiece I am actually amazed I would like to talk with you for something and maybe hire you Good job mate

  • Noob 6206

    about 6 months ago

    Nice job can i see the full script

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