Arduino-wifi alarm clock

Nov 03rd, 2020 | by: Muhammad Akoodi
Category: Electronics Arduino
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This project uses an arduino Uno and esp8266-01 to display information on a 1602 lcd screen. This includes time, date,  alarm, temperature, Next prayer time  and a custom reminder input from Blynk. The message is scrolled and scrolling speed is adjustable in the Blynk app. It also allows you to input the frequency and volume of the alarm tone, as well as the days and time of the alarm. Most of these values are stored in the internal EEPROM, so a power out won’t lose all the data The brightness of the lcd backlight is dependent on the value read by the Light Dependent Resistor. The project is an arduino Uno shield made on prototype board with a header for the esp01 and 12C lcd display. The alarm rung by an active buzzer can be snoozed with the yellow tactile switch. All of this is contained in a diy wooden box and stained.


Blynk Application
Arduino and Shield


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