Sep 29th, 2020 | by: Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis
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  As one of many programmers with the "NIH syndrome",  I always wanted to write my own ethernet stack. You know. Mine is better, faster, safer etc. And as if this wasn't enough I wanted to write it not in C, C++ or python but in Free Pascal. And why stop there ? So, I decide to implement it, to embedded platform.  As I'm not an electronic engineer, the easiest ( for me ... ) embedded platform is Arduino.

 But once again the "NIH sundrome" hits. Why use one of the cheap, commercial modules, which just works, if you can spend countless hours reading datasheets, breadboarding experiments and view electronics related youtube videos ?

  This single side, through hole, Arduino ethernet shield, is the first working results of my journey to my goal ( writing an embedded ethernet stack on an embedded platform ) . 

  Everything is in my github repo ... https://github.com/dioannidis/EncEther

  Hope you like it ....

PS: ( thx electronoob ! Your videos helped me a lot ... )


EncEther v1, doesn't have the AT24MAC402-602 and CS/SS Pin selection options.

EncEther v3 Top
EncEther v3 Bottom
EncEther v1 and v3
EncEther v1 with UNO



    about 7 months ago

    This is a nice PCB

    Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis

    about 7 months ago

    Thank you !

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