DIY Automatic Egg Incubator With arduino

Aug 08th, 2019 | by: Shoaib Khan
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Back Story:
So a couple of months back i stumbled upon an incubator in which you could hatch your eggs. when i bought it and tried it... the result was a failure so when i looked at the circuitry its wasn't too complicated. so i thought why not give it a try and see if i can build it.... 

Naively i took on this project. This was my first project ever with electricity and programming. i didn't even know what voltage is and how to program "hello world". i can tell you that it was not a good idea cause there was not enough or explanatory tutorials on the internet...and so i pursued it and tried to get some idea online..there were some people sharing but they weren't quite explaining it for the newbies... so i thought let me finish this and maybe i can be the first who will teach how to make an incubator fully arduino based. no pre made timers or temp controllers... 

And so coincidentally i came across Electronoobs video as soon as my incubator was ready for its first test run... you could compare it with a babies first steps... so i thought let me be one of the first ones who uploads their project. 

The incubator has following features
1-Automatic turning.
2-Notifying capability when hatching is due
3-LCD display for displaying all kinds of msgs
4-Programmable (biggest advantage)
5-Egg capacity of 20
6-Time keeping without power 

I understand that the hatchdate function is not working properly but as i said...this was the first run...as soon as it the incubator worked and the main functions worked i made a video to upload here...
It can be fixed in no time..ez.

I wanna thank Electronoobs for providing this platform and hopefully when i am done making this project i could make a series which will be about making this project on your own...but for now all i can share is a video of it working... ill surely update the video and maybe provide links of any tutorials that i'll do...  

I have uploaded some other interesting project videos that im working on. you can check it out in my youtube channel if you visit the link of the video. 


These are some of my previous Attempts

Egg mechanism and a failed attempt
Thats how the interface box looks up close.
The very first basic working incubator. I call it version 1.0

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    about 2 years ago

    Nice work I hope youll post the final version as well Thank you

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