Arduino based Smart Workshop

Sep 23rd, 2020 | by: Justin Lange
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I build a Arduino based Smart Workshop System. It is based around the Arduino nano but the Microcontroller can be changed. When i pass by the Movement Sensor it turns on a Relay wich (if wanted) can be turned on by a extra Switch. The same goes for another Relay wich isn`t connected yet. 
For 24/7 use  i utilized not only a 230 to 12v converter with an 7805 Regulator but also a Battery Pack wich can be charged trough a dc Jack wich is on top of the Button Box. and that`s basically it the rest is basically a bit of lighting, indication and   yeah thats basically it.
Hope you find it interesting


In the first Picture you can see all that belongs to this project, in the second you can see the Button Box, in the third the Battery Pack and in the last Picture you can see the Movement Sensor 

The Circuit Installed
The Button Panel
The Battery Pack
The Movement Sensor


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