HIFI power amplifier

Sep 23rd, 2020 | by: Galeb Saleh
Category: Electronics Audio
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This is a stereo power amplifier using vaccum tubes in the front end and mosfets in the power amp. The first 50 watts are true class A. It can deliver up to 125W RMS into 8 ohms load, 250W RMS into 4 omhs, and 500W RMS into a 2 ohm load.
This design substitutes the original amplifier section of a renowned hifi brand, because it sounds a lot better. It has a PIC for the timmings of the tubes, and the protection for DC and OC.


I have a lot more photos, but these 4 are good. Not high quality because at this moment I had an old camera. All is home made, the pcbs, the enclosure, etc. A lot of work, but a great pleasure to listen music with this new amplifier.

2 pcbs for each channel.
Presentation before finishing.
Detail of power section capacitors.
Original amp on the left, new power amp on the right.


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