A control board for Shellmo

Aug 08th, 2019 | by: Jason Meech
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Shellmo was this cool little robot i saw on thingiverse a long time ago https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:208495 (if you haven't seen it check it out, its very cool) I was working with the creator on making a mainboard for shellmo, i think he ended up going with a different design, but i had a lot of fun working on this with him on it. 

It was basically an arduino nano with bluetooth, and 2 dual h-bridge motor drivers and some voltage stuff. 

I did the design in kicad, i've included a google drive link to all the files, libraries, footprints, silk screen stuff i used along the way. 

There's some reference to a webstore that never existed in the silk screens that the parts were going to be distributed through. 

This is the pin mapping
ATMEGA Chip MappingArduino Pin NameConnection Points
30 (PD0)D0Pins for bt
31 (PD1)D1 Pins for bt
32D2TB6612FNG MotorA Forward
1D3 PWMTB6612FNG MotorA Reverse
2D4TB6612FNG Suspend
9D5 PWMTB6612FNG MotorA spd
10D6 PWMTB6612FNG MotorB spd
11D7TB6612FNG MotorB Forward
12D8TB6612FNG MotorB Reverse
13D9 PWMRGB LED Pin (can be any unused pwm)
14D10 PWMBreadboard Pin
15D11 PWMICSP && Breadboard Pin
16D12ICSP && Breadboard Pin
17D13ICSP && Breadboard Pin
29ResetICSP && Reset Switch

Link to google drive folder with all the files:


Here are some of the concept renderings i did of how it would integrate into shellmo (the heart was a required design feature :) 

The heart is sho's design the breadboard i just got from grabcad if i recall the other stuff was my work 

Finished Concept Drawing
early concept drawing


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