Mini Plasma Speaker (5 volt powered)

Sep 20th, 2020 | by: Andy Chesaru
Category: Electronics Speakers
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Plasma is quite remarkable,and the ability to create sound just by modulating it's frequency is amazing. I am really into plasma and HV science,and so I decided to try my best to create the smallest plasma generator ever (that can play music,of course). It features a small flyback transformer (that I have salvaged from an old lcd monitor) , an oscillator based on a 555 and an audio pre-amplifier stage. Everything is isolated from the HV part of the circuit,and I also included a big old light bulb as a current limitter,in case something goes wrong. It all works at only 5 volts via a usb cable,with a total power draw of only 6 W! (at peak),while delivering surprisingly good sound quality (for not being a speaker at all).



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