Upgrade for the previous circuite

Sep 18th, 2020 | by: Andrei Ciora
Category: Electronics Arduino
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 For the previous project you show as my  power suplly . But i made   some change first for the fix power supply i put for the relay coil a diode   for the volmeter . For the variabile bench power suplly i put 2 caps (100 nf) for the output of  full bridge rectifier and for  the voltage  stabilizer i put a heat sink to desepate the power and for the output i are put2 cap ( 88 nf )  to cheap the voltage stabil  .   I am aded a  3 k  rezistente for the led because the led is very hot is do not eleve  for more time .  This is may finale upgrade power suplly circuite. 



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