DIY 3d Printed Batidor de flux o liquidos. DIY 3d Printed Flux or liquids Shaker

Sep 14th, 2020 | by: Belen Hedderich
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Necesitaba un mezclador para hacer Flux casero. En realidad puede mezclar cualquier liquid y luego probare si sirve con arena para limpiar tornillos oxidados…
El mismo involucro mucha investigacion, ayuda y trabajo.
Empezando que todos los controladores PWM que habia conseguido tenian potenciometros de mas de 500k y yo solo tenia de 10K. Con ayuda de amigos logre el circuito con el de 10K. Gracias a Duncan, Walter y Hugo 😊.
Por otro lado tuvo trabajo de de hacer la baquelita con el CNC de Saismart y quise ponerle Solder Mask

Para eso recibi ayuda invaluable de Jim 😊.
Finalmente culminado y la idea no es mia sino de Adafruit, pero ellos usan una tarjeta que ni tenia, y era muy cara para lo que involucraba. Asi que la reinvente con un PWM con un 555 timer.

Link de las piezas impresas y el projecto en general:
Link del circuito impreso y esquematico:

Another project completed!
I needed a mixer to make homemade Flux. You can actually mix any liquid. Later I need to test if it works with sand to clean rusty screws ...
It involved a lot of research, help and work.
Starting with the PWM controller, all that I had got had potentiometers of more than 500k and I only had 10K. With the help of friends, I achieved the circuit with the 10K. Thanks to Duncan, Walter and Hugo 😊.
On the other hand, he had work to make PCB board with the SaintSmart Pro ver CNC and I wanted to put Solder Mask on it

For that I received invaluable help from Jim 😊.
Finally finished and the idea is not mine but Adafruit's, but they use a PCB that I didn't have, and it was very expensive for what it involved. So I reworked it to use a simple 555 PWM Controller.

Link of the printed pieces and the project in general:
Link of the printed and schematic circuit:


1- Finished
2- Video Working
3- PCB Making
4- 3d Printing parts

Culminado funcionando
Proceso de PCB
Proceso de Impresion


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