Arduino based digital clock

Sep 14th, 2020 | by: negative feedback
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The digital clock uses 7-segment display (7cm length) powered with 5Vdc. It have a boost converter module which step-up the voltage to 10V (required for safe operation of displays). 7-segment is driven using MAX7219 and for powering high-power leds inside segments, driver circuit consisting of UDN298 for high side and 74HC540 ULN2803 for low side. 
For setting the time, two push buttons are used. One for minutes and other for hours. In the code, we can change the time format to 12hrs or 24hrs format.
Whole board is put inside a enclosure that is hung on wall.


Front side
Scale of 7-segment display
On the wall

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  • Noob 4106

    about 4 years ago

    Hello sir I want to make this project can you send me circuit diagram and Arduino code please sir send me

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