Chocolate 3d printer

Aug 07th, 2019 | by: deleted deleted
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In my free time I experiment a lot with 3D printers and microprocessors. Since commercial 3D printers can print only different types of plastic, I wondered if this is possible with food. The few 3D printers I found were too expensive so I build a 3D printer that prints my favorite candy chocolate. My project is to develop a chocolate 3D printer that professionally prints chocolate. The extruder of the chocolate 3D printer should be constructed in such a way that almost anyone can copy it.

Here is a YouTube video...


And here is my Written exam about my chocolate 3D printer:


Have fun building it. Leave questions in the comments.

Best regards Marvin



  • Jason Meech

    about 4 years ago

    how are you keeping the chocolate tempered are you tempering it in the chamberextruder or putting in tempered chocolate and using careful temp control to keep it in that middle state between solid and melted again or are you simply melting and solidifying it by rapid cooling does it snap or melt in you rhand after printing

    Noob 19129

    about 2 months ago

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  • about 4 years ago

    Hey you are also here It is so funny because many of my favourite smaller YTbers are here too

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