Feedback Inverter project

Sep 13th, 2020 | by: Magnus Emenuga
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I have come to the completion of this build.

After several considerations on pre exiting designs of INVERTER system, I have developed mine with these features,
- Automatic Charge System, using same transformer.
- Battery full voltage Auto cut off ( 13.5v ).
- low battery shut down system ( 10.5 )

These are they essential features I added to the design, other than that, the System works fine.

Next on this build will be packaging.
Am considering using an old stabilizer system, since I don't have enough ply wood. Though I will have to modify the casing, and that is another work.

( For the design information, am yet to get the library of Sg3525 or Sg3524 for protues, once I get that I can easily present the schematic).

I will be uploading the DIY video on our YouTube channel, click the link below to access it, as other of our project are presented there. 

See you around...


Below is the image description of the Development.

Oscillator and driver board
System hooked up with battery


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